Woofie Rescue

Adopted Woofies

“Step into the heartwarming tales of “Woofie – Rescue” by Well Groomed Pets, where each video showcases the beautiful bond between adopted dogs and their loving families. Here, in partnership with shelters nationwide, we celebrate the joyful transformations of once-homeless pups into cherished family members, complete with wagging tails and loving gazes.

As you explore our gallery of previously adopted dogs, witness the stories of resilience and newfound happiness captured in each video. From timid beginnings to confident strides, these furry friends have found their forever homes, thanks to the compassion of adopters like you. By choosing to adopt through Woofie – Rescue, you’re not just welcoming a pet into your life; you’re providing a loving sanctuary and joining us in our mission towards the #1000DogAdoptionChallenge. Embrace the warmth of furry cuddles and endless tail wags as you explore our collection, and let your heart be drawn to the next chapter of love and companionship awaiting you.”

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Dog Name Dusty

Location Bradenton

Dog Name Sweet Baby Ray

Location Bradenton

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