Being a groomer is not easy work. Few industries bring such unpredictable clients. Somehow, you manage to calm these amazing pets and you do it with love and compassion. And, when your furry clients let you….you express artistry. We want to celebrate that. We are committed to elevating your profession and providing you with wonderful opportunities to improve your skills and ultimately, own your own Well Groomed Pet’s salon. What makes us different?

From store design to training content to growth opportunities, the grooming team is singularly focused on your well being. While we can’t tell our franchise owners what to pay their teams, we provide guidelines and suggestions that will ensure you make 20-30% more than other local salons. More importantly, we have a path for growth that is intentional and rooted in a commitment to celebrate and reward the amazing work groomers do every day.

Our name says it all. Well Groomed. Wellness first…grooming second. Have you been frustrated with owners who simply rule their shops by profit motives? Hiring inexperienced workers who are underpaid and overworked? Maybe its time to join a team where the priorities start with the care of the animals, we all love so much. Contact us below to take the first step to a real future in the grooming industry.


Well Groomed Pets enthusiastically welcomes every opportunity to partner with premier brands, national and international organizations. As the hands down leader in pet wellness and grooming, we are deeply committed to working with and supporting companies with the shared goal of improving pet health and wellness. Our partner relationships are designed to ensure your organization is supported by active engagement through our entire franchise system and every Well Groomed Pets location globally.

We are also eager to work with local partners as well. Well Groomed Pets have seven different partner opportunities for local veterinarians, AKC trainers, shelters, rescues…and much much more. We believe the grooming industry has a unique opportunity to collaborate with those who want to provide the best quality products and services to pet parents and their furry family members.

So, if you have a product, service or resource that delivers market leading value to pets…we want to hear from you.


Well Groomed Pets is a privately held company that is funded by a small group of committed founders and private investors who share our vision of opening 1,000 Well Groomed Pet salons over the next five years. What makes us unique is the depth of our pet wellness experience, the caliber of our trainers, the commitment of our world-class partners, and the power of our proprietary technology.

We believe we can move the industry in a way where pets become healthier and groomers are celebrated for their artistry, compassion and unbelievable work ethic. If you would like to be a part of the most exciting pet franchise system in 50 years, please contact us below.

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